Legs propped, my favorite hot chocolate mug by my side and a thriller that’s making my heart race. Perfect coziness but there’s a void; deep and dark devoid of hope brimming with misery. I am willing to admit, I am miserable down to my tippy toes. This is the part where sad music plays, sadContinue reading “HOLES”


Guns away! I know I am late but here we are with a new tale. It’s a feature by the very talented https://karimijunior.com/. He wanted to give us a taste of the male mind after Sasha’s hysterics on https://twistedempress.wordpress.com/2020/06/10/the-date/. Here is his version of the date.   7 days till the date. I’m on phoneContinue reading “THE DATE (MALE POV)”


I don’t fit the moldI like the coldI wish my life was soldI feel too oldLike anytime I could fold. “I really hope she isn’t holed in that room writing more poetry. Who will tell her she sucks?” The walls in the apartment were paper thin and his voice reached her. She locked the doorContinue reading “RESIGNED”


“Catch a vibe, he said! What was I thinking Ella? Was it crack? Why did I agree to all that?” She was packing up her bags, tears clouding her eyes. They had met at a barbeque, she wanted a mimosa, he offered her more than she bargained for. A smooth tongue and a toned body.Continue reading “FOUR WALLS”


Sticks and stones they don’t break my bones but I am getting tired of this journey. She has faith,a truckload of hope and a bottomless pot of strength. I cannot stand another white coat and the smell of antiseptic. Hospitals give me chills and definitely not the good kind. We’ve been married 12 years. TheContinue reading “LAST CRY”


The heavens are blissful and they bathed us with new light. Hear ye! Hear ye! We bagged another nomination this time for the Liebster Award courtesy of Jaber Jasunga. Thank you lovely soul. The Liebster Award is recognition given to one blogger from another blogger, more like a chain of appreciation from one blogger toContinue reading “LIEBSTER AWARD”


Seven days till the date and I am stressed out. He likes red like strawberry  red but the closest red thing I own is in apple red that’s far from his preference. I could wear yellow but it’s dinner not a brunch date. White, pure and angelic but I told him I swear like aContinue reading “THE DATE”


She came into the room, her hands stained red with purple bruises forming on her porcelain skin. Her face was pale white and her pink dress was torn from the waist down exposing her long legs that were covered in blue marks. She kept looking over her shoulder even when she was safe within theContinue reading “BEREFT”


Descendants of Adam and Eve, hear ye! Hear ye! Sound of the gong sweeping through these quiet streets. Hear ye! Hear ye! Bring out thine glasses filled to the brim with your favorite drink, I mean water, it’s important to keep your system healthy. The neighborhood dogs are driving me crazy with their continuous barking.Continue reading “PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT”


I come bearing good news and great tidings,I know it’s not Christmas yet but let’s make merry. Recently my blog was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by lifewithlilred and I was ecstatic. It was my first nomination and it feels great I literally danced until my lungs ached. Sunshine Blogger award is one whichContinue reading “SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD”


“Can I get potato juice?” she asked the man at the counter. “Ma’am this is a bar not an organic restaurant. Did you read the sign walking in?”He quipped. He wasn’t in a good mood at all and this strange lady was just getting on his last shreds of sanity. Fifteen minutes until  his shiftContinue reading “POTATO JUICE”


She was nervous I could feel it from across the room. Every few minutes the cracking of her knuckles broke the silence that had engulfed the room. “Do you need anything? Some water, tea or coffee?” She answered in the negative. She was okay. He had no idea how he would calm her down; itContinue reading “THE RING”


The front door opened with a bang and light foosteps could be heard running up the stairs. One of his kids had a bad day and he wasn’t about to coax the dragon awake. They would have to wait for their mother, the dragon slayer. He carried on watching his NBA game unperturbed, having threeContinue reading “ADAM’S EVE”

I is for Insane

Ian if I call out your name again I swear your behind will be redder than grandma’s tomatoes! Sometimes I wonder if I sold this child I’d have my life back. It’s wishful thinking but did I have to give birth to this cannon ball of a human? It’s  11 am and I am exhausted,Continue reading “I is for Insane”


“Hello this is Lucas speaking…I am sorry you believed I picked the call. Leave a message after the beep.” He always does this and she kept on falling for it. Hello Lucas it’s Jane we need to talk. It’s been a while now and I can’t get you off my mind. It’s not because ofContinue reading “CLOSURE”


“You and me, we make quite the formidable team. Join my ranks and be the deputy commander of my troops.” He has a way with his words and I don’t remember saying yes but here I am three years later. He still makes my strides hasten whenever I see him. It was supposed to beContinue reading “SMOOTH CRIMINAL”

21st Floor

‘Which is your stop ma’am? Ma’am… Miss… Are you okay? Do we need to call someone? ‘ he gave a small shove and her eyes widened like a deer caught by the headlights. ‘Pardon.’ ‘Which is your stop ma’am? You haven’t pressed any floor number .’ ’21st floor. That’s my stop.’  Her voice was smoothContinue reading “21st Floor”

Kind Of: Sasha’s tale

“How about one last kiss? Just one for the road,please?😃”It was his tagline each time they had to say goodbye. A war of lips would ensue and it would take all they had to let go of each other. Breaths mixing, hearts racing and minds lost kind of whirlstorm of a kiss. The kind thatContinue reading “Kind Of: Sasha’s tale”


I want to be petty. Petty you missed my birthday. Probably throw in a forgotten anniversary. I want to rile you up. Get your blood pumping in all the wrong ways because that’s what I feel around you! Roaring sounds in my ears like gushing waters down the rocky rivers. You are tearing my soulContinue reading “UNNERVED”


“There’s a guest for you,sir.” It had been 5 long hours of waiting for her to show up. The agony had turned into angry snarls and grunts directed to his servants. He banged doors, broke a glass and was close to setting the living room on fire. She could feel the heat radiating from him.Continue reading “M.M 3:BEAUTY AND THE BEAST”


“A delivery for Miss Carmen, ” he politely explained. It was a bigger box than she expected. It was nicely wrapped in her favorite colors ,orange and black. He had a way of getting into her head and messing it up. She was scared and looking forward to his surprise gift. She hoped he packedContinue reading “MIDNIGHT MUSINGS PART 2”


It’s not even midnight,she’s by the balcony slowly sipping her tea. Tea is never hurried,she knows that and has perfected the art of chai-taking. Her mind is wandering like it does most times. She has painted easels better than The Mona Lisa in that beautiful mess of hers. She has scaled heights within her mindContinue reading “MIDNIGHT MUSINGS”


Could you spare that look? Spare it for our daughter, Let it be her reference, That men can be amazing.   Would you impact our son? Teach him to be a man, Not a man to build his ego, But a man you can entrust your daughter to.   Could you tell her? Tell herContinue reading “BABY DADDY”


If Teddy could speak,he would have quite the tale. If he could write,he would have a bestseller in all the countries. He knew so much yet he couldn’t share it with a single soul. Teddy was big, not fat just large and fluffy. He was pristine,an angel without a halo. He existed when everyone elseContinue reading “TEDDY”


I don’t know how to say sorry, I am sorry about that. I have always been the one to apologize,apologize for things I have done and things I haven’t. He told me, “Stop apologizing , you aren’t perfect and I acknowledge that.” I found myself saying sorry again and he walked away. So I stoppedContinue reading “CHASING ELEMENTS”


I probably should buy those huge teddy bears preferably white or brown in color with lots of soft fur. Why do I need that? Simply for company especially when the days and nights seem like they stretch for miles without end. Maybe it’s the single life but that is the least of my worries. Mr.Continue reading “PANDEMONIUM”


Guess who finally quit the single’s club? 💃 Passing on the baton to the next in line and hello taken fraternity😋. Breathe! Well I really can’t even if I try. We have quit the singles’ club for good, me, myself and I are taken😊. It feels unreal, please wake me up this seems like aContinue reading “BOO’D UP”


I’ve been writing so many letters,to my crush,to my kids, myself and anyone else that felt like I needed to express myself too. There’s so much on my mind and sometimes writing is not enough well because some feelings are better expressed in action not colored words or a dozen emojis. It’s so hard tryingContinue reading “GOODBYES AREN’T EASY”

Pills and Potions🌞

I’m in bed again, the fourth or fifth day in a row. I’m no longer sure, I’m hiding from the world because I’m scared thoughtless and all the lesses you could think of. It’s so bad 😢. My eyes are droopy and weigh a tonne now. Maybe I think I’ve lost my sight somewhere betweenContinue reading “Pills and Potions🌞”


Hey 25 year old me, You are staring at the mirror again hoping for a thinner waist, bigger hips that after sometime you just want them to disappear. You are counting the number of pimples that have invaded your face stretching out from the Horn of Africa to the Arctic ocean. You hate that crookedContinue reading “ME ME🌼”


Describe yourself in three words. Cool, calm and collected. Those are the words likely to be expected since I appear to be. 😂😂😂😂😂 Joke of the century. If you know my personality in and out you’ll know I’m far from being any of those adjectives. Anyway… Today I’m going to write about friends ,actually oneContinue reading “Mine💕”


She was lying on the floor, white tiles glistening like a newly oiled baby, clutching her stomach her bony hands pressed against it. She was sick, sick to the core, throwing up her guts. Her tears streaked face made the grim reaper scamper in fear. Previously applied mascara ran down her face. Her eyes lookedContinue reading “SILENCE”


“Hey, you’ve been seated here for so long. Don’t you think that you’re missing out on so much? ” The look she gave me had me asking if I really had to disturb her peace but I was curious. Why would she be alone when there was so much going on around her? Behind herContinue reading “Surreal☕”


Kindly let my eyes swim a little longer, my body literally freezes in water. Yes, I can’t swim well because my life flashes before my eyes and I imagine the kids I never got to raise, the guy I never got to date and the good that never bloomed into action. To be honest IContinue reading “MAD OVER YOU”