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I come bearing good news and great tidings,I know it’s not Christmas yet but let’s make merry. Recently my blog was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by lifewithlilred and I was ecstatic. It was my first nomination and it feels great I literally danced until my lungs ached.

Sunshine Blogger award is one which empowers other bloggers and celebrates their work. Bloggers nominate other bloggers and ask them 11 questions which they answer on their blog. The award aims at celebrating bloggers who inspire others with their creativity and share positivity through their blogs.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you in the post and link to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions asked of you
  • List the rules and include the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post
  • Write a new list of 11 questions for your nominees
  • Nominate 11 bloggers for the Sunshine Blogger Award

Here are the questions that lifewithlilred asked me. I had fun answering them.


What is your lock down uniform? Mine is no makeup and all of the hoodies!

Typically it’s just baggy t-shirts and sweatpants. Sometimes a long dress, the bigger the better. Hoodies and my favorite sweater all baggy of course and a headwrap, let’s just say my hair has seen better days.

What are you most looking forward to doing post coronavirus?

Getting hugs, I honestly miss hugs from my friends. This corona time has made me realise I actually like hugs despite being so bad at giving them ( sorry if you’ve experienced them). Well that is the first thing I look forward to.

Another thing probably is travelling, I am introverted but staying in the house has made me miss the outside world and the beautiful sceneries. So travelling is another thing I look forward to.

Favorite restaurant local to your area?

This is a tough choice, I don’t go out much but I’d say I like Art Caffe because one of my friends’ (Hey T) made me fall in love with their ambience and their caramel cake is really good. I have quite the sweet tooth.

Do you prefer in store or online shopping?

I prefer in store shopping that way I can decide what I really want, I get so indecisive at times and I can also spend less. Online shopping makes me feel like I have a million bucks so I spend more than I should.

What was the last book you read?

The book I read last was We’ll Meet Again by Mary Higgins Clark. It’s a thriller.

What are a few of your favorite hobbies besides writing?

I love singing, dancing, cooking, listening to music and reading novels.

Do you plan on blogging throughout your life?

Well I am not so sure but I know I love writing so I’ll do this until I am old and grey.

What would be your perfect date night?

Music, cooking together, dancing and watching movies. I like nights in and just being goofy without dressing up much.

Last series you binge watched?

Why Women Kill. It was fascinating and I like anything to do with murder.

Do you have any strange talents?

Well when I really laugh, I turn into a little piglet and snort. Oink! Oink! I don’t even know if that’s a talent but it’s strange.

Biggest guilty pleasure?

Binging on murder documentaries. I am fascinated by the human mind in terms of what drives people to kill and how those cases are solved. I don’t have it tin me to kill so don’t be scared of me, I am totally harmless.

That was really fun, my nominees are… drum rolls please…

Here are the questions. Have fun

  1. What do you love most about writing?
  2. If you were an animal, what would you be?
  3. Which is that one food/snack you like eating and would get kidnapped if it was used as bait? Mine would be chevda and green apples, I would be easily carried away.
  4. Favorite subject in school? Mine was English.
  5. What is your dream holiday destination?
  6. What’s your take on body art? I love tattoos but I fear pain
  7. What character trait do you like most about yourself?
  8. What crime would you most probably be arrested for?
  9. One wish, you cannot ask for more wishes or wish to fall in love, what would you wish for?
  10. Which is your favorite weather?
  11. Cats or dogs? Give a reason.

Hope you have fun answering them. Feel free to nominate other bloggers in the comments. I was so undecided and might have left out some.

Lots of love,

Twisted Empress.

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“Can I get potato juice?” she asked the man at the counter.

“Ma’am this is a bar not an organic restaurant. Did you read the sign walking in?”He quipped.

He wasn’t in a good mood at all and this strange lady was just getting on his last shreds of sanity. Fifteen minutes until  his shift was over, he could hang on a while longer.

‘Sir, I guess this lovely lady here was asking for a shot of vodka.’

“Thank you for coming to my rescue,” she said as she turned towards the direction from which she heard the voice.

Anyone who wants ‘potato juice’ is in need of a helping hand Miss…

Shauna, Shauna Mimi. Pleasure to meet you Mr…

Todd with the double D

She laughed and thus began their whirlwind romance.

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Eight months down the line and her apartment was littered with post it notes.


One would be forgiven to think that she was solving a crime and she rightfully was. The mystery behind her brokenness. They had broken up three months prior and she had made her mantra to be ‘do not text him’ which she religiously recited everytime she felt the itch to talk to him.  If this was how rehab felt like she was abstaining from all drugs. It was hard getting him out of her system.



She even prayed three times a day but she had no Jerusalem to face. He had infiltrated her camp and won over all her men after  which he overthrew her as commander. The apartment was filled with memories which she couldn’t erase. The heavy makeout session on her couch after their first date. The stolen kisses in her kitchen during the culinary lesson from his blessed hands.

Those hands had marked her skin and had left an imprint, a forever kind of reminder that she had been his. His lips were still lingering on her mouth, forehead and every other inch of her body he had traced. He was intoxicating, a whiff of him sent her over the edge.


Block. Unblock. Restrict. Unrestrict. It had become a pattern.


What did you do to me Todd?

Day 45 without texting him, she could do this. She could win this. He left without a reason, just upped and went. She deleted his number but couldn’t get through with unfollowing him on instagram. He had a total of twenty-one comments on his nine posts. Seventeen from females and four from the other gender that had made her as she was at the moment. She had checked them all out and they were all gorgeous creatures unlike her. He was online and she quickly logged off.

Day 100.


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She was nervous I could feel it from across the room. Every few minutes the cracking of her knuckles broke the silence that had engulfed the room. “Do you need anything? Some water, tea or coffee?” She answered in the negative. She was okay. He had no idea how he would calm her down; it was never part of his job description. He was in silent distress judging from the veins popping on his creased forehead.

She sometimes hummed a song and smiled like a beautiful memory had popped into her mind. He was trying to exercise restraint and not bombard her with questions because it would be against protocol. I could imagine him creatively cursing at the whole system for making his work so difficult. In all his years as a detective, he had not encountered such a closed off suspect. Usually his physique intimidated the suspects who would trip over their tongues singing their crimes like nursery rhymes to him. She was thin glass and he had to tread carefully.

“Why did you do it?” She stiffened at the question and tears welled up in her previously unblinking eyes. The ring on her finger became her center of attention, she twirled it and smiled. It was a simple silver band with an infinity shaped diamond. It was not too flamboyant but pretty enough to gift a person that made your world spin in circles. The ring must have cost a pretty penny or maybe she just took care of it adeptly. It fit her perfectly, accentuating her slender fingers and well-manicured nails. The story behind it would be interesting; I gathered my recorder and writing material waiting for her to begin.

“He gave me this ring on our tenth date while we were sipping our drinks. It was a promise that he would stand by me and he would never walk out on what we were building,” she let out a hollow pained laugh. He was a young man, Kivu that was his name. He had been found barely alive and scarred for life. She had given him a fair warning, a couple of jolts with a high voltage live wire. It was foreplay she said before she could unleash the big guns on him.

He had given up on their relationship after she became paranoid. She refused to see anyone but him, not even her twin sister was welcome. He couldn’t keep up with her antics not when she insisted that all the visitors strip because she feared they carried guns. She refused to go to hospital and attacked him when he called her a rabid dog.

“I did it because he broke his promise. We were just getting started and he lied. Liars are punished just like they taught me,” she was screaming at this point and she had to be restrained. As she thrashed around, her skirt rode up and I saw scars that crisscrossed her thighs and legs. It wasn’t just the ring, her story ran deeper than that and she was the only one who could tell it.

Her trial was set to begin in a couple of days, Kivu was recuperating in a private room where the windows gave way to a splendid view of the city. It was a pity he could not enjoy it in his current state. The doctors said it was a miracle his nerves were not frayed by the high current that passed through his body. The induced coma was necessary for his body to repair itself, I would have to exercise a lot of patience so that I could get his side of the story. This was the story, the chess piece that would propel my career to the post I had been eyeing for the last decade.

The courtroom rose when the judge walked in. He was a balding man who had unsuccessfully tried growing a beard maybe to cover up for the lack of hair on his head. He appeared to have a wife that knew her way around the kitchen judging by the size of his belly. His demeanor screamed power, he was after all the highest judge of the criminal court. The sound of the gravel brought me out of my reverie and we all sat down waiting for the court clerk to bring the judge up to speed on what case he was about to hear. The prosecutor in his toneless voice read out the charges against the accused. Her name was Claire, such a beautiful name for a troubled lady.

She had been charged with attempted murder and grievous bodily harm that could be classified as a capital offense. The orange prisoners’ jumpsuit engulfed her small body and her eyes had sunk in making her look like a drug addict who had foregone their dose. She was a pitiful sight. The ring was missing though, I hoped she would get it back.  Her lawyer was a short ebony woman who wore glass frames that looked like they belonged to my great grandmother’s era. Her grey flannel pant suit was well tailored and nicely hugged her petite body. I silently prayed she knew her law books well because the prosecutor was one of the best, all the accused in his cases received the maximum sentences for their crimes.

This was the first mention of the case and I could feel myself taking sides already. The judge’s stentorian voice called for adjournment of the case. The next hearing date was announced and she was led back to the four by six room that was to be hers for the next couple of days or maybe weeks. The investigating officer later on called me for a briefing at his cramped office tucked away in a corner of the police headquarters. Her case was high profile because Kivu was the Central Bank governor’s only son and the heir to his multimillion business so only the highest ranked officers took part in the case. This also explained why the top guns in law and criminal cases had been roped into the whole fiasco.

He seemed unsettled, the case was still in its preliminary stages but the pressure around it was enough to bring a grown man to his knees, a lot of jobs were on the line if things did not pan out as expected. “She is asking for you,” he tells me. I stopped breathing for a minute and the shocked look on my face registered on his mind and he repeated his statement this time much slower like you would talk to a toddler. “Claire will only speak to us if you are present in the interrogation room,” he clarifies.

This was new in all my years as a junior crime reporter, the accused always stayed away from us some even going as far as getting court orders to bar us  from reporting about their cases. Maybe there was something she saw that others did not perceive in me. I agreed to the interview because this was one of the moments that you could not pass over not even for my mum’s favorite banana cakes, they were to die for but this was important. I needed to hear her story and tell it to the world.

The day came to be, I gathered all my material like I had done before and set up awaiting her arrival at the headquarters. Rival media firms camped outside to get a glimpse of her even if it was the sight of the metallic handcuffs that held her wrists behind her back. She was set to have a polygraph test and a psychological assessment before the trial was set to begin. It was important to ascertain her mental health and the results relayed marked her fit to stand trial. She was then led to the interrogation room, just like she had done before she refused any form of drink. I found it funny how the officers try to be hospitable in such situations when the other party probably thinks of just having their freedom back.

If she confessed to her crimes she would get a lighter sentence this was the bait they were swinging at her. They were intent on having her dance to their tune. “Yes, I inflicted pain on him. I had to save myself because he was going to do it to me himself,” her voice was barely audible. The officers made her repeat her statement then her lawyer demanded that her client had been held at the building long enough and she needed her rest. Rest. Claire had lived a luxurious life and being confined to a cubicle with a thin mattress was not a place to rest.

Back at my shoe box of an office, I compiled my notes from the various friends and family of both parties and noticed some disparities. I could have brought them up but I was so insignificant that they would all be overlooked by the higher authorities. I kept my theories and waited for the trial albeit quite eagerly.

I thought Mondays and highway traffic on Friday nights could be such a drag but the trial proved me wrong. The days morphed into weeks and somewhere along the way Kivu woke up from his coma and I was allowed to interview him while he was still under surveillance at the hospital. I was an impartial journalist, I really was trying but the case had become webbed into my daily life. I wanted Claire to be freed so I sat through Kivu’s narration of the ordeal.

Claire had a shaky childhood and it had taken a while before she even accepted to go for the first date with him. He told me of how she was a beautiful soul until the maniac episodes began. The family, Claire’s, were quick to say that it was a genetic disorder that ran in the family. That should have been a red flag but I was so keen on knowing everything that I ignored it. I asked him about the ring and I saw his facial expression soften. They had seen it while walking together and he had observed the longing in her eyes so when she was busy he got it for her. The joy she had was worth every single dime he spent on it. My time was up and I left him to rest in his comfy hospital bed.

Witness after witness took the stand some for and others against the accused. There were a few who stuttered their way through the testimony especially Claire’s mother. She could not even look into her daughter’s eyes. Kivu’s testimony was played in the courtroom because the doctor’s did not find him fit enough to attend the session. His story poked holes through the whole case, he was standing with Claire. The courtroom was beyond shocked. He should hate her with all his remaining body cells but he did not. “Claire is innocent, the guilty ones are those that birthed her.” The recorded testimony then stopped playing as the court became a cacophony of noises.

Claire’s lawyer, Miss Agnetta, her name reminded me of my high school principal, rose up to address the jury. Her voice was smooth and caught everyone’s attention. “My client stands innocent as she was not in control of herself at the time of the incidence. The prosecution failed to mention that my client was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of fourteen. Her family alienated her from that time and played a role in aggravating the situation .” The lawyer then handed over doctors’ reports to the judge and the jury.

I sigh in relief, she was a smart one , more than I credited her for. She then called Claire’s twin to the witness stand. Marie, was the exact opposite of Claire and when she narrated their childhood there was no dry eye in that room. It made sense why Claire was attached to the ring, it was the first commitment she had ever gotten in a long while. The night of the incident, her mother had triggered Claire by saying vile things about Kivu. She made her feel unloved and unwanted. She made her daughter believe that Kivu was seeing a different girl who was not a burden to society. He needed to be punished just the way she was punished whenever she had an episode.

The marks on Claire’s body were a reminder of how ‘troublesome’ she was for the family. She had been whipped, burnt and locked up for days without food. As all this was being narrated, Claire was smiling at the wall, her face was serene like the calm before a nerve-wracking storm. Silent tears were streaming down her vacant eyes. The court session was adjourned and the jury left to convene to discuss their verdict.

The last day of the trial was a sunny affair the birds all in harmony and even the roads free from traffic. I only hoped it would be a good sign for Claire. The proceedings were a blur, both lawyers gave their closing remarks. The jury handed over an envelope to the judge. “The accused is found guilty,” his words ricocheted across the room, “but the jury does not recommend the capital punishment.” I felt my body relax and my heart calm down, she would not be put out like a rabid dog. The judge sentenced her to therapy in one of the best mental institutes in the state. Her mother was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. She kept her silver ring and Kivu too remained by her side. He visited her often and reassured her he would stay. Infinity was not just the ring but forever through the hurdles.

Twisted Empress 2020.

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The front door opened with a bang and light foosteps could be heard running up the stairs. One of his kids had a bad day and he wasn’t about to coax the dragon awake. They would have to wait for their mother, the dragon slayer. He carried on watching his NBA game unperturbed, having three teenage children and two preteens does that to your tolerance levels. They should have spaced those kids more but he loved them all anyway.

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Honey, I am home?

The sweetest of fragrances, the lily of the valley, the most gentle touch, the voice that calms the storm in the mostly chaotic house that was his, she was here.

I missed you sweetpea. How was work today? Do you need any help with the groceries?

Who is throwing a tantrum today? David, I know you well enough. Spill it.

Being together for 27 years does that to you. You cannot slip past that watchful eye of hers, maybe that explains why you love her so much.

I think that was Charlotte. She has not come out of her room even when the boys made her peppermint tea.

Should be the Niagra falls week for her. Let me check on her.

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She made her way to her only daughter’s room armed with supplies a hot water bottle , snacks and pain relievers. She found her fast asleep with her arms wrapped around her fluffy bear. The room looked neat, thank goodness. The boys’ rooms gave her an acute headache and often times she had to unplug the play station to get the rooms habitable. She put the supplies down and that’s when she found the letter.

Dear Eve,

I am talking to you, the first female creation you know. You who belongs to Adam or is it Adam that belongs to you? I care less about the arrangement you guys had. Am I rude? I am so sorry for my unsolicited sarcasm creation of the earth!

Don’t ask me to calm down or to hold my horses. I held them long enough until I got a taste of the famous period pains. Couldn’t you have just bargained for something easier to save us all womankind?

Trust me you better have Goliath and Samson as your body guards because I am baying for your blood. You could have used your charms to get a lighter punishment or something. I can barely stay still and the pain is cutting through my whole being.

Tomorrow, I am needed to go to school and act normal as if my uterus is not being turned inside out. I cannot call in sick because many of your descendants do not believe that period cramps can be utterly incapacitating. Look at you making me use words reserved for my literature class.

You also included the extra toppings like we were your favorite pizza. The nausea, bloating, acne after struggling to get that clear skin, swollen feet, cravings, the running stomach and you didn’t stop there. Did you do a hair flip to get the mood swings as a special pizza on the house?

Eve, creation’s first ,did you have Adam rubbing your back telling you it will be alright? I am sorry lady but some of us do not have that priviledge and struggle on our own. Eve, were yours bad at first. How did you handle them? Adam’s Eve should we blame the snake or you for our woes? The pain is unbearable; I need to get some rest. We’ll square this out when we meet.


P.S I will not sign out nicely, I do not like you at the moment.

She was suppressing a laugh when she finished reading the letter but concurred with her 17 year old. Eve had a lot to answer and her responses were eagerly awaited by many. She left to share the story with her husband and probably get in a few good laughs for the night.

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I is for Insane

Ian if I call out your name again I swear your behind will be redder than grandma’s tomatoes!

Sometimes I wonder if I sold this child I’d have my life back. It’s wishful thinking but did I have to give birth to this cannon ball of a human? It’s  11 am and I am exhausted, barely done any work and my boss requires a report within half an hour. Welcome to the life of a working mother with an overactive son.

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No you cannot go outside! Get rid of that puppy face, you will not win me over. I gave birth to you and you cannot make me dance to your tune.

Ian, a four year old boy with the energy of ten -two year old kids. This quarantine will leave me voiceless with all this shouting. A week ago, I had the windows reinforced because my young king decided to be George of the jungle. A month prior, the gas cylinder had a special cabinet built for it. The Dora in him led him to explore the cooker controls. All the cabinets are raised from his reach and double locked after he broke my great grandmother’s crockery.  That crockery is probably the reason why the boy’s father left to work overseas. Honey if you read this I still love you.

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Ian! Ian! IIIIIaaaaannnn! Why are you wearing my bras?

This incident gave birth to a wardrobe refurbishing, the under wears found a new home in the top shelves. Every year comes with a whole new unprecedented house design because my baby boy has a way of finding faults with the initial architectural work.  I should probably thank quarantine a little because my car will rest even for a little while. The dents my mechanic has concealed with his amazing hands are uncountable I should know. The invoices from my mechanic have a special gallery where they are displayed for future referencing when my dear young one will have his car.  Brian, my mechanic ,has a lovely wife Hadassah and  three cute children, Mike, Essie and Melissa. I learnt this  because of my boy’s escapades with my car when he learnt how to ride his bike and throw things at it. Visits to my mechanic were filled with anecdotes about his own troublesome three.

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That is my child calling me by my government name. Am I mad? No. He is. I am laughing because he is getting a taste of his own medicine. He is only four Tina just listen. Sometimes I like frustrating him but at the end of the day my champ is my best gift.  This is a game that helps me calm down whenever I go on a rampage after my patience runs thin. Then again this is one munchkin and my love and I planned on having three more. I think we should reconsider the decision but then again…

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I think I should go now, my boy needs me.

What’s wrong baby?

Mommy I love you.

All the anger and frustration disappears. My baby boy lies in my arms and I feel complete. Miss Rona, stay away from my boy! I warn you.  He is my precious heartbeat.

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In the meantime, ladies and gentlemen, keep your distance, wash your hands and sanitize but most of all stay at home.


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“Hello this is Lucas speaking…I am sorry you believed I picked the call. Leave a message after the beep.”

He always does this and she kept on falling for it.

Hello Lucas it’s Jane we need to talk. It’s been a while now and I can’t get you off my mind. It’s not because of how amazing your lips felt on mine or how natural your touch felt against my skin.

I opened up to you in ways I never thought I would. You let me believe that I was safe with you. That the dark wouldn’t be my safe haven anymore.

Lucas you read all my pages even the unscripted ones! I was the puppet playing on your strings. I was forthcoming even with the thoughts I never shared!

You said it didn’t make sense, my jumbled mess was incoherent. I don’t know maybe my course content was too advanced for your thinking or maybe it didn’t meet your standards.

I wish you heard my heart break but I swallowed my pain and kissed you back. You didn’t understand where I was coming from darling and I didn’t know how to explain. I shut down.

Then came the silence that tore us apart. Was I to blame, I wouldn’t know? My texts went unanswered and the few times you reached out, you needed something from me.

I feel like I became an asset at this point. You withdrew from me completely and left me to my devices. My mind went into an overdrive and the floods that followed left me hopeless.

Lucas, you sought me out and when I finally let you in you left me. Please tell me what happened. Was I the problem? Did I…

Jane just stop that already.

The line went dead. She didn’t even hear him pick up the call. She had said all she could. She hoped he could give her the answers she needed.

She heard her doorbell ring. It was Lucas,hopefully the puzzle was set to be completed.

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You and me, we make quite the formidable team. Join my ranks and be the deputy commander of my troops.”

He has a way with his words and I don’t remember saying yes but here I am three years later. He still makes my strides hasten whenever I see him. It was supposed to be a typical boy meet girls and charms her with his charismatic character.

If the world ended I’d still have you by my side. Lost in your eyes I have been since the moment you graced my presence.”

This girl however barely registered his presence until eight months after he had made his decision. ‘She was the one and I knew she’d be the one I need.’

Is it just me but did the temperature just rise when you came in love?”

Coffee dates were out of the question because she hated the smell alone. Adventure was always at the top of their list. They traveled land and seas, moments captured by the handy lens he carried with him.

You’re panting again but at the rate at which you run in my mind, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Somebody give me a shoe, this man will give me hypertension one day. I still love him but someone please call 911. I am tired but I still laugh. I found the antidote to my curse but shut up. I am writing this story so give me my time.We fight like this and make up more than I can count.

If the world was ending you’d come over,right?

With this self isolation I might as well write a book and keep my thoughts occupied. Hey criminal this cell feels a little small but I wouldn’t have it any other way.