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“Hello this is Lucas speaking…I am sorry you believed I picked the call. Leave a message after the beep.”

He always does this and she kept on falling for it.

Hello Lucas it’s Jane we need to talk. It’s been a while now and I can’t get you off my mind. It’s not because of how amazing your lips felt on mine or how natural your touch felt against my skin.

I opened up to you in ways I never thought I would. You let me believe that I was safe with you. That the dark wouldn’t be my safe haven anymore.

Lucas you read all my pages even the unscripted ones! I was the puppet playing on your strings. I was forthcoming even with the thoughts I never shared!

You said it didn’t make sense, my jumbled mess was incoherent. I don’t know maybe my course content was too advanced for your thinking or maybe it didn’t meet your standards.

I wish you heard my heart break but I swallowed my pain and kissed you back. You didn’t understand where I was coming from darling and I didn’t know how to explain. I shut down.

Then came the silence that tore us apart. Was I to blame, I wouldn’t know? My texts went unanswered and the few times you reached out, you needed something from me.

I feel like I became an asset at this point. You withdrew from me completely and left me to my devices. My mind went into an overdrive and the floods that followed left me hopeless.

Lucas, you sought me out and when I finally let you in you left me. Please tell me what happened. Was I the problem? Did I…

Jane just stop that already.

The line went dead. She didn’t even hear him pick up the call. She had said all she could. She hoped he could give her the answers she needed.

She heard her doorbell ring. It was Lucas,hopefully the puzzle was set to be completed.

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You and me, we make quite the formidable team. Join my ranks and be the deputy commander of my troops.”

He has a way with his words and I don’t remember saying yes but here I am three years later. He still makes my strides hasten whenever I see him. It was supposed to be a typical boy meet girls and charms her with his charismatic character.

If the world ended I’d still have you by my side. Lost in your eyes I have been since the moment you graced my presence.”

This girl however barely registered his presence until eight months after he had made his decision. ‘She was the one and I knew she’d be the one I need.’

Is it just me but did the temperature just rise when you came in love?”

Coffee dates were out of the question because she hated the smell alone. Adventure was always at the top of their list. They traveled land and seas, moments captured by the handy lens he carried with him.

You’re panting again but at the rate at which you run in my mind, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Somebody give me a shoe, this man will give me hypertension one day. I still love him but someone please call 911. I am tired but I still laugh. I found the antidote to my curse but shut up. I am writing this story so give me my time.We fight like this and make up more than I can count.

If the world was ending you’d come over,right?

With this self isolation I might as well write a book and keep my thoughts occupied. Hey criminal this cell feels a little small but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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21st Floor

‘Which is your stop ma’am? Ma’am… Miss… Are you okay? Do we need to call someone? ‘ he gave a small shove and her eyes widened like a deer caught by the headlights.


‘Which is your stop ma’am? You haven’t pressed any floor number .’

’21st floor. That’s my stop.’ 

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Her voice was smooth with a slight accent which could not be quickly placed. She was also fidgety and her right foot was incessantly tapping a wayward beat on the marble floor. If the floor could speak it would have said, “Get a hold of yourself woman!” Her pale knuckles also bore the brunt of her anxiety as they were continuously snapped.

The 21st floor was the scariest floor in the complex and stories about the horrors that dotted the particular floor  made up the menu of wonderful lunch talks.  It was said that there the transition from sludge to gold was made. The walls were made of glass refined in Cuba and the drapes sown from freshly picked silk of the worms in China. Exquisiteness wafted through every corner and each detail was intricately designed by master craftsmen. The pomp was to hide the pain that dwelled within the greater walls of the 21st floor. She was pretty, a delicate kind of beautiful. He hoped she could come out of it victorious.

There was so much noise once she opened the double glass doors. It was chaos meet your father bedlam, your mother disarray and the rest of the pandemonium clan. Nothing was in its rightful place and it sent her head into a spiral. Reality always had a way of saving her from her unfounded fears. Her once erratic heart was now bleeding at the sight of what lay before her. This was the hallowed and the revered floor. Shoot me please!

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Kind Of: Sasha’s tale

“How about one last kiss? Just one for the road,please?😃”
It was his tagline each time they had to say goodbye. A war of lips would ensue and it would take all they had to let go of each other. Breaths mixing, hearts racing and minds lost kind of whirlstorm of a kiss. The kind that curls the toes and mends the soles I mean soul.

That’s the kind of love she craved,the kind of that played in her head. She had been one to fall in love easy but letting them in was a task. Just another love story that couldn’t be hers, isn’t it just life? (si ni life😅)🙋

She kind of wanted a fairy tale good parts kind of affair, the picnics and late night conversations. The hugs and cuddles:hugging someone you love decreases your stress levels. (rushes over to hug my pillow because… Aah never mind)  She wanted a best friend and lover. She craved a partner that would blend with her into a kaleidoscope. Color breathes life and she wanted that, a fire of colors burning in her life. So she wrote a letter to the universe to plead her case.
Dear Ms Universe,
I guess you are a lady and frankly I feel that you should understand my struggle. I love him, I really do and it irks me that I can’t let him know.
He is the one, I feel it in my guts but I am scared. His laughter takes me to church. The voice you gave him, weakens my knees and keeps my heart beating. He gives me the vibes I only read about in books. I could sculpt him with the finest of marble and rhinestone. If I was cake he would be the icing because he is just so enticing. Thinking of him makes my last brain cells the best candidates for atrophy studies.
You sent some my way that left without a warning. Give me a sign sis! Should I just give it a go? Quit playing with me. I don’t want to lose what I have kept safe this long. I kind of just want him only.
Yours truly,

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I want to be petty. Petty you missed my birthday. Probably throw in a forgotten anniversary. I want to rile you up. Get your blood pumping in all the wrong ways because that’s what I feel around you! Roaring sounds in my ears like gushing waters down the rocky rivers. You are tearing my soul apart leaving behind scars I cannot hide.

What did I do to you? Is this revenge for the hard time I gave you infiltrating my walls? I want to rock your boat into the deep seas. Drown you in the waves maybe. I am losing myself here all because of you. Tell me what you want to do with me.

Am I just another pawn in your greater game? Son of a woman! What do you pray to? I can feel my temperature rising in a city frozen over. My body is on an overdrive of emotions. Creature of the wild, what is it you demand?

Do you ever get fazed? There’s a gash on your forehead when I threw the pan at you. I know that was extreme but you stood still. You were unnerved and it sent my hormones into organs I didn’t even know existed. I don’t remember picking it up let alone hurling it your way.

Despite it all, you did not raise your voice. I am aching for a fight. Blood thinning screams and cutlery breaking. I just want you disturbed. Your levels of self-control are astonishing. Just lose your cool for me love. I want to know your limits and keep testing them each time. Tell me what irks you, don’t just say you are fine!

Fine is a price you pay for something you’ve done wrong, it’s a punishment love. Don’t ‘okay babe calm down’ me when I break into a fit. Just talk to me please, ease the frustration that’s growing in my being. Be human love, let your guard down with me. Didn’t you tell your friends that I was your safe haven? Show me then. Let me into that maze of yours. I want to claim my stake in your emotional wellbeing.

Darling, there’s nothing stony about you in spite of having a body carved from Adonis himself. Please let me be there for you in all aspects not just some chosen few. Just lose it human!

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He has me smiling at my phone,

Dreaming of his hands intertwined with mine,

Feeling like wolves are howling in my tummy,

He has me at a vantage point,

Right where he wants me to be.

He had me rushing,

Diving head first into fast waters,

Knowing too well I cannot swim,

He feeds my selfish self,

Keeps me sated wanting only him.

With him I am safe,

In a world misunderstood,

He studied the book that is my life,

Learned the little stuff I never noticed,

He is a welcome scent in my wooded forest.

Poetry in motion came to life,

When you walked into my maze,

My birthday comes early with you,

So what should I gift you,

The Stuart to my Little?

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Twisted Empress 2020




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I am not a sad writer neither am I a sad person but there is a certain beauty in sadness. There is a vulnerability that comes with  the emotion that just tugs at the strings of my heart. I honestly love being vulnerable but on my own far from people. In the confines of my room under my blankets with sad music playing, I love breaking in that environment. This is not a sad post though, I am a happy person. I love babies and junk food but most especially I love books and solitude.

Sundays are safe days. My recharge days after my social battery is drained throughout the week. Writing keeps me sane, my release in a world where poison kills and saves simultaneously. Words spoke to me first before the actions sufficed.

Let’s take a ride down this road because I hate hills. Climbing leaves me breathless, sweaty and irritable especially since I am physically unfit. Anyway we are going down this road, let’s carry a bottle of iced water and be on our way. The sun is almost setting and the atmosphere just exudes this vibe that sends shivers down my spine. I am in love with the weather, I hoped it would have been with you but that is a story for another day.

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On this walk,I have a gift for you. I like orange and black so I wrapped it in my favorite colors. I made a cake but I ate it while waiting for you to take me on this walk. Up ahead there is a bakery, let’s grab a slice of caramel cake and wash it down with that new wine they launched a week ago. Close your eyes, I am bad at surprising people but just play along. Humor me love and pretend to be shocked.

Sundays with Sofia:Tales of the Twisted Empress.

Dear love that is my surprise,the blog updates will be as regular as morning traffic on Kenyan roads. Let’s ride together, our garage has the best of vehicles and we’ll be causing havoc on the roads on these trips.

Come along citizens of the Empire.

Your Empress has started a revolution.

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